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At Beneath The Shadows Home Inspections, Exceeding My Customers Expectations is My Primary Goal.   Performing exceptional quality home and commercial building inspections for all of Northern Utah, from Utah County north.  So, before you make that legally binding offer on your dream home, or getting ready to put your home on the market, or purchasing a commercial property, let me help you understand the need and real value of an inspection, and the importance of selecting the right inspector.

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No one likes negative, disheartening, unexpected surprises, or to have their dream home turn out to be a nightmare.

   Buyers:    Buying  a home can be extremely stressful, and  is probably the most expensive purchase you will ever make. 
                      A good home inspection can help eliminate worries, concerns, and those unexpected surprises.

  Sellers:      In today’s market, selling a home can be very difficult.  Again, a home inspection may help sell your home,
                      along with numerous other benefits identified on selling a home page.

   Property Managers: With all the legal ramifications for property owners or investors, it is critical that their  properties,
                      are properly inspected on a regular basis.  Let me explain the benefits and value of having your properties

   Investors:  Don’t make that critical decision to purchase or return a property back to the market without an inspection.
                      Don’t assume that your contractors did everything exactly correct.  Call me, let me discuss how an inspection
                      can help provide that additional information for your decision making process.

   Commercial Inspections:  As a certified commercial inspector, I can provide a mired of options that can be tailored
                      exactly to your specific requirements.  Let me help you effectively manage your interests by providing an
                      inspection that will provide you the information you need for either a sale, a purchase, or status inspection.


  Click the link below to see all the types of inspections and services I offer

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Call Me Or Send Me An E-mail

I Will...

     1)  Get back with you as soon as possible

     2)  Walk you through the whole process

     3)  Spend the time you need to answer your questions

     4)  Help you understand the value of an inspection

Alternatively, you may browse through my web page, but it will simply not give you the personal service you need or deserve



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                  You may have a lot of questions

This link will help answer your questions.  It is difficult to anticipate every question someone might have, but I have tried to answer most common questions.

If  you have a question that is not listed, just call me and let me answer it directly.   (Dale 801-540-2994)

When choosing an inspector, it is important to have all your questions and concerns answered in a professional and courteous manner.



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Are You Selling A Home?

Check out the new Move-In Certified program


1)  Let me show you how you can make your
     home distinctly different than others on the

2)  Let me explain how it may help sell your

3)  Don’t wait, now is the time to get an


Why Choose Me?

I will not do an inspection without first talking with the customer.  A paramount feature of my business philosophy is to give my customers an opportunity to know me; to understand what a home inspection will do for them; and to ensure they have all the facts before they order an inspection.


Click on the link, and let me explain in greater detail why selecting the right inspector is important, and why I am your best choice.

There is so much more than some guy walking around your new home or your existing home with a flashlight and tool belt, and presenting a report that is filled with terms and language that is difficult to understand.

My guarantee to you is simple:

If you are not happy with my service, my report, or with my inspection, and I cannot make it right, I will give you a full refund.  Let me give you the service and support you need and deserve at this critical, important, and stressful time. 



What your customers think and say about you is what distinguishes you from other  inspectors.

I cherish what my customers think about my inspections and the service I provide.

You can have your home inspected by any good certified inspector, and the job they do will probably be acceptable.  But why settle for just acceptable when you deserve and can have so much more. 

Helping my customers really know and understand their home, the inspection, the report, and what they each mean is paramount to the service I offer.

Click on the link below and see what some of my customers have said.



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Inspection Report

The end result of a home inspection is the generation of a report.

  The Inspection Report Will.

1)  Be easily understood

2) Written in plain English without the use of
     unknown technical terms

3)  Provide the appropriate explanations and
     details for any problems or deficiencies

4)  Include the necessary pictures to properly
     document and substantiate all findings

5)  Accessible to the customer and any
     others designated by the customer, either in
     hard copy format, or through an internet

6)  Will be presented and thoroughly reviewed
      with the client---to their satisfaction

7)   Will include other important information
       regarding home maintenance tips and
       typical life expectancy data.

7)  This link will take you to an example of an
      inspection report.




Certified Residential  Inspector

Certified Commercial Inspector

Internachi Certified

Service Area

I service the following Counties
within the state of Utah

Beneath The Shadows Home Inspection Service AreaUtah County
Salt Lake County
Tooele County
Wasatch County
Summit County
Davis County
Morgan County
Weber County
Cache County
Rich County
Box Elder County

And all towns and cities within these counties


Registered Housing Inspector


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