Move In Certified

Are You Selling A Home?

  • Need help selling your home?
  • Don’t want unexpected surprises?
  • Want to add potential value to your home?
  • Want to minimize frustrating negotiations due to buyers home inspections?
  • Tired of sitting and waiting for offers?
  • Not sure if your home has serious problems?
  • Want to help minimize problems associated with disclosure regulations?

Then You Need To Call Me And Let Me Explain The New

Move In Certified Program

Maybe its time to look at how a home inspection may help your home sell

With the current market conditions, you need to make your home stand out from all the other homes that are for sale.

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times illustrated the trend for home sellers to have a home inspection prior to listing the home, or to assist in selling an already listed home. 

Colleen Badagliacco, President of the Calif. Assn. of Realtors, says, “not so long ago, when sellers were being bombarded with multiple offers, they didn’t have to worry that much about the shape of the home.  Now, the seller has to go the extra mile.”


A new program called

 “Move-in Certified”

May make a big difference in being able to sell your home.


The Inspection Is Called  Move In Certified.moveincertified

The home owner has a NACHI Certified Home Inspector perform an inspection.
 If there are no major systems in need of immediate repair or replacement, and no known safety hazards, the home can be Move In Certified.  The Inspection report is listed on a dedicated web site and access provided  to the agent and any potential buyers designated by the agent.  A Move In Certified yard sign can be placed near the realtors sign.


A good inspection report will help sell your home

   A detailed inspection report, defining the condition of all major components within the home, will also contain 30-40 color photographs that help illustrate difficult to see places, such as roofs, and crawl spaces. It can be used as an excellent sales tool in selling your home.  Such a report will clearly demonstrate your willingness to identify and correct problems, and may help generate a level of confidence and trust with the buyer.

This is one of the best price-to-value services available to your client


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A Sellers Inspection is Like a
 “Good House Keeping Seal of Approval”

  In today’s market, commonly known as a buyer’s market, the sellers have to do other things that will distinguish them from all the other homes on the market.   Building confidence in a home buyer is a priceless commodity.   This type of inspection may be just the “edge” you’ve been looking for. 

Let me show you how it can make your
home distinctly different than others on
  the market.   Let me explain how it may
  help sell your home

 Don’t wait, now is the time to get an

Call (Dale) @ 801-540-2994


A great additional sign that can be placed next to the realtor’s sign.

A great eye-catching and interest building sign.

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