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 Let Me Show You How A Home Inspection Can Help You

Foreclosing on a property is not an easy or pleasant task.  Often, the homeowners are frustrated and out of anger or resentment, they may damage or leave the property in less than acceptable conditions.  As the  property owners, it is critical that you know the condition of the home and its components.  This knowledge can effectively be used in determining the maximum marketable value for the property.

I can custom tailor my inspections to meet your individual needs.  A simple list of various types of inspections are shown below.

  • A full, complete inspection, covering all the major elements and components of the home.  This would also include a full, detailed report.
  • A simple picture assessment, showing the condition of the home by pictures and accompanied by a very simple report.
  • A limited inspection defining the damage and missing components or elements of the home, and accompanied by an appropriate report.
  • A drive by type inspection, verifying the existence of the property, identifying the level of security by noting condition of doors and windows.  This wold be accompanied by a very simplified type report.
  • As the needs or requirements of our customers change, any variation or customer defined inspection can be conducted and accompanied with the applicable type report. 
  • This inspection is paid for by the requesting party.  This may be an individual, an investor, or a financial institution.

A brief description of the major elements that are inspected can be see above at this link.  Inspection Elements

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